Christian Louboutin replica I don’t care if my high heels hurt women


Christian Louboutin, this person is very serious to him and his brand and other people , let us hear some serious words from him .
Christian Louboutin replica, the shoe designer, has said it does not matter to him if women are in pain when they wear his shoes saying: “If you can’t walk in them, then don’t wear them.”
Christian Louboutin said high heels are ”pleasure with pain” adding that he had no sympathy for women complain about wearing the shoes because he once saw Tina Turner perform for three hours in Madison Square Garden in New York wearing a pair.
He told Grazia magazine: ”I really have not so much sympathy. If Tina Turner and Prince’s back-up band can perform on stage in them for three hours, you can’t tell me they are impossible to walk in. High heels are pleasure with pain. If you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them.”
As far as Christian Louboutin knows, the princess never acquired a pair, but thousands of other women did. Later she gave him another idea – cleavage shoes.
“People had a really hard time with toe back then. Especially the French. My God, you couldn’t even sell French women a sandal because they didn’t have pedicures and their feet were terrible.’
“It was Diana dancing with John Travolta who inspired me. She was wearing these really bad English shoes and they showed half her toes. It looked tacky but so good somehow. She had that naughtiness and it was appearing subconsciously.”
The designer said he was against heels for men but said he sympathised that they now are forced to put up with women towering above them.
He said: ”Men in high heels? That’s a prosthesis. But I sympathise. Women have these giant heels. They get taller and taller. The men need help, but a man in heels is ridiculous.”Despite being famed for the red soles of his shoes he has previously admitted his trademark happened by chance.
He said: ”This shoe arrived back from the factory but for some reason it didn’t look quite as good as my sketch. So I used a bottle of red polish to coat the underside of the shoe scarlet. Problem solved.”

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